Hollywood's Top Political Movies


In light of today's general election, we're taking a look at Hollywood's top political movies.

George Clooney has been known to make major political contributions, but he was able to keep his political views out of his work when he directed, co-wrote and starred in 2011's The Ides of March. The Oscar winner called the film a "political thriller" that makes no party alliances. "It sort of walks that line of picking on everybody," Clooney said.

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Tom Cruise had similar sentiments about 2007's Lions for Lambs. "What attracted me to it was that it was a piece of film that didn't tell me how to think. It invited me to participate," said Tom.

The American President, starring Michael Douglas and Annette Bening, is a fictional fairytale-like love story, while Charlie Wilson's War, starring Tom Hanks, chronicles the real-life covert war against Soviets who have invaded Afghanistan.

Wag the Dog also features a war, albeit a fake one, all for the purpose of stealing citizens' attention away from a White House sex scandal.

Primary Colors stars John Travolta as a highly fictionalized version of Bill Clinton, including some true elements from his 1992 bid for president.

While Bulworth went for laughs, Oliver Stone's JFK took a deadly serious tone, delving into the alleged cover-up following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Stone also took on the life of Richard M. Nixon, who lost to JFK in the 1960 election, casting Anthony Hopkins to play the 37th President of the United States in the 1995 drama Nixon.

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