What Keeps Bruce Willis Coming Back to 'Die Hard'?


ET caught up with Bruce Willis at the A Good Day to Die Hard premiere in New York City Wednesday night, where the franchise star reflected on what keeps him coming back to playing John McClane.

"You know what, it's hard to take a guy seriously like this," Willis joked about the iconic character. "Everybody knows somebody that thinks he knows everything and then really doesn't, you know? He just has to fight his way out of it, or, you know, think his way out of it but ... just not the smartest guy. Not the smartest guy."

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With the film hitting theaters on Valentine's Day, Bruce also shared his holiday plans with wife Emma Heming.

"Eat some chocolate, get some flowers, get your picture taken," he smiled.

As for their Valentine's Day tradition? He's keeping that one private.

"I can't talk about it on Entertainment Tonight -- she would rip my lungs out."

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A Good Day to Die Hard hits theaters today!