Sexual Tension Arises On Screen Between Ryan & Eva


If you follow Ryan Gosling's dating life then you know that he loves to take his ladies (and co-stars) to Disney Land (Blake Lively, Michelle Williams, Carey Mulligan, Eva Mendes), and if you follow his movie career, than you'll remember that classic scene when he takes Rachel McAdams' character to the carnival in The Notebook. Now, Gosling is back at the fairgrounds in The Place Beyond the Pines and in a sneak peek at the movie, we see his character Luke putting the moves on Romina (Mendes, Gosling's real-life girlfriend) in front of the Ferris wheel.

Though they don't say much in the scene, you can cut the sexual tension with a knife as the characters reunite. The Place Beyond the Pines, also starring Oscar nominee Bradley Cooper, follows a motorcycle stunt rider (Gosling) who turns to robbing banks as a way to provide for his lover (Mendes) and their newborn child. This decision ultimately puts him on a collision course with an ambitious rookie cop (Cooper) who is navigating a department ruled by a corrupt detective.

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The film is set to hit theaters on March 29 in limited release.