'Detention of The Dead' - Exclusive Trailer


George Romero's Dawn of the Dead used zombies as an allegory for the anhedonia that had permeated our consumer culture, and a new rom-com-zom translates that trope to high school.

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One character in Detention of the Dead puts it best: "We were a bunch of mindless zombies before any of this happened." That's just one of the astute observations in the trailer, which ETonline is pleased to exclusively present.

Starring Jacob Zachar (Greek), Christa B. Allen (Revenge), Jayson Blair (The New Normal), Justin Chon (21 & Over), Alexa Nikolas (The Walking Dead) and Max Adler (Glee), Detention of the Dead hits VOD on June 18 and opens on June 28 at the Laemmle NoHo 7 in Los Angeles.