Michael Cera Goes 'Boom'


Michael Cera is back in the spotlight with the return of Arrested Development and a role in the ensemble comedy This Is The End, and now he's taking a turn into seriously awkward territory with his short film Gregory Go Boom for YouTube Comedy Week.

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The film follows Cera's sad paraplegic character as he strikes out on his own to become a man. WARNING: This is a mature film and contains some strong language, a sexual situation – and a colostomy bag.

Uber-film geeks may recall that the title Gregory Go Boom also comes from a memorable moment in the Francois Truffaut 1976 film L'argent de Poche (Small Change) when, after a toddler tumbles over a balcony and falls several stories into some bushes, he pops up unscathed and giggles, "Gregory go boom!"

Released today on JASH, the YouTube comedy channel Cera co-founded with Sarah Silverman, Tim & Eric and Reggie Watts, Gregory Go Boom was written and directed by Janicza Bravo.

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YouTube Comedy Week is in full swing, delivering lots o' comedy all week long with funny stuff including Andy Samberg and The Lonely Island Diaper Money music video, a Game of Thrones beer commercial and Ricky Gervais giving an unconventional guitar lesson as David Brent from The Office.