Behind 'White House Down's' Realistic Set


Making an action movie set in the White House is a sizable task in itself, as it can't be hosted in the presidential residence itself. Thus, the action-thriller White House Down made a lifelike replica of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

PICS: Stars On Set

Although some computer-generated imagery is used in the film, starring Channing Taum and Jamie Foxx, director Ronald Emmerich and crew made the decision to build a nearly exact recreation of the White House, from the Oval Office to the president's high-tech limousine.

"This is amazing. It looks exactly like the White scale," said Foxx, who plays the president in the film, out June 28. "We could actually film something right here, right now and make people believe that we're actually in Washington D.C."

VIDEO: White House Goes 'Down' in Trailer

Watch the video above for a behind-the-scenes look at the extraordinary set of White House Down.