Armie Hammer Now Loathes 'Lone Ranger' Mask


Armie Hammer's role as the titular character inDisney's The Lone Ranger required not only some risky stunts but also the incessant donning of a black mask that covered his eyes. After months of production, he expressed his true feelings about wearing the mask.

Although Hammer has been quoted professing his affection for the mask, he told ET otherwise at the premiere of The Lone Ranger at Disney's California Adventure in Anaheim, Calif.

PIC: Depp & Hammer Enjoy a Laugh at 'Lone Ranger' Premiere

"I wish it was [true that I love the mask] 'cause it'd be such a good story to play into, but unfortunately, I wore that thing for ten months through some of the most arduous conditions you could ever make a movie in, including blizzards, sandstorms, lightning strikes, heat waves, the whole thing," Hammer said.

"So, now for me, if I look at that mask I don't feel anything other than, 'Ugh!'"

The 27-year-old actor, who rose to fame for his role in the 2010 drama The Social Network, said that even though production was grueling most of the time, it was something that he and his fellow cast mates looked forward to.

VIDEO: Flashback: Hammer Plays Two Roles at Once

"It was [rougher than it looks], 'cause you only saw one out of the thirty takes that it took to get everything right," he said of filming the action-western, which is in theaters July 3.

"It was great, though. We all got beat up; we all got banged up. Everybody was taking pretty much the maximum daily dosage of Advil and Epsom salt baths and all that, ice packs everywhere, but everybody woke up excited to do it again the next day."

Watch the video above for more from the Lone Ranger premiere, including Johnny Depp's thoughts on channeling his Native American heritage for the film.