Mariah: My Shoulder Injury Wasn't Nick's Fault


Mariah Carey dressed up her cast Monday night -- this time with a black leather studded covering -- at the New York premiere of her new film The Butler and she also opened up to ET's Nancy O'Dell about the shoulder injury she suffered while shooting a music video directed by her husband Nick Cannon.

When asked about the incident last month in which she fell while filming a remix version of her single Beautiful, Mariah joked that it happened during "the moment that [Nick] looked away" during the shoot. "I wasn't looking away, if you looked in the footage, I'm leaping..." Nick says, before playfully being shushed by Mariah, who plays the mother of The Butler (Forest Whitaker) in the movie.

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"It wasn't Nick's fault, it was my fault," Mariah confessed. "Honestly, I had been working for a really long time, and you know how when you're posing... I was posing, and my arm was like this -- and it was shaking at that point -- so it was very fatigued.  And about the ninth take, the tenth take... I was on a roll darling, a roll... and the next thing I knew, I was on the floor baby, on cement."

Whitaker spoke about how he couldn't pass up such an important role and said he's proud of the film's star-studded cast "It's so exciting, I love this film, the actors did such an amazing job, and I'm just happy to be showing it to the world tonight."

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Also stopping by to chat was actress/media mogul Oprah Winfrey, who plays the wife of Whitaker's character in the film and said she was happy to be at such "fun" premiere party and also spoke about other stars signing on to the project because of her involvement. "You know, I think they signed on because it is what it is. You know, it is an offering to the country, so I like that."

The movie -- hitting theaters August 16 -- focuses on the life of Eugene Allen, who served as a butler to eight U.S. presidents over more than three decades. Allen's name was changed to Cecil Gaines for the film. Other stars include Alan Rickman as Ronald Reagan, John Cusack as Richard Nixon, Robin Williams as Dwight Eisenhower, James Marsden as JFK, Minka Kelly as Jackie Kennedy and Liev Shreiber as Lyndon Johnson.

Jane Fonda, who plays Nancy Reagan in the movie, praised the work of the director and actors and said the film also carries an important societal message. "It's certainly going to teach young people a lot. It's about American history, it's a very, very American movie, beautifully done with some of the great actors in America."

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