5 Things You Don't Know About Tom Hiddleston

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We just got a first look at him in the new trailer for the upcoming sequel Thor: The Dark World, but what do you really know about this handsome star!

1. Born Thomas William Hiddleston on February 9, 1981  in London, England
-- his mother worked as a stage manager and his father worked as a pharmaceutical company executive.

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2. Followed a strict diet and gained 20 pounds of muscle before screen-testing for the role of Thor in 2011, but director Kenneth Branagh decided to cast him as Loki instead.

3. Attended Britain's prestigious Eton College -- the same institution that educated Prince William and Prince Harry.

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4. As a child, became a fan of Raiders of the Lost Ark and says he used to watch Indiana Jones "on a loop." Years later, he found himself being directed by legendary Raiders director Steven Spielberg in the 2011 war drama War Horse.

5. Played rugby while attending Cambridge University, but gave it up to focus on acting. 

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