Behind the Making of 'Rush'


Chris Hemsworth has carried out some intense action scenes as "Thor," but his role as a Formula One driver required an entirely different form of invigorating action.

In Rush, Hemsworth tackles the role of '70s Formula One racer James Hunt, who maintained a heated rivalry with racer Niki Lauda (played by Daniel Brühl). Embracing his character led him to understand the allure behind the sport that he'd researched.

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"I read something about the guys who do things like this and why. It's a need for people to feel like they're in the moment and when you're flirting with death like that, you can't be anywhere else but in that position," the Australian actor said.

Hemsworth said that once he got inside the Formula One car, after proper training, he comprehended the thrill that he'd read about.

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"Instantly, you understand where that addiction comes from because you're in a little cocoon, basically, and you're this far from the ground," he said. "You have so much power at your fingertips. It's not hard to understand the mindset on why people do it. It's a hell of a lot of fun."

Watch the video above for all the behind-the-scenes action on the set of Rush, in theaters September 27.