Timberlake: 'Runner Runner' is 'Smart,' 'Sexy'


Boasting an A-list cast including Ben Affleck, Justin Timberlake and Anthony Mackie, plenty of moviegoers are excited to see Brad Furman's Runner Runner, which sees Timberlake playing Richie, a Princeton student who gets lured into becoming corrupt online poker site owner Ivan's (Ben Affleck) protégé. Things quickly get even more complicated when an FBI agent (Anthony Mackie) starts to use Richie to bring down Ivan.

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But what makes this crime drama thriller different from other films in the genre?

"I think we all feel like for a movie like this, of the thriller genre, it felt like it's a real intelligent take," Timberlake said at Runner Runner's Las Vegas premiere Wednesday night. " ... It's fun. It's fast. It's sexy. It's smart. It's everything you want out of a movie like this -- and I think a little bit more. What I love about this movie the most is that of the genre, I feel like the writers made the characters really intelligent, so, you don't know who's duping who."

And Timberlake clearly enjoyed working with the star-studded cast.

"Ben and I had a great time together," he confirms. "Gemma was phenomenal to work with. Anthony had me cracking up the whole time. I mean, we had a great cast. And everyone was game and had a lot of fun."

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Check out the video to hear Mackie's take on Timberlake and Affleck, as well as how the guys made Arterton feel comfortable.

Runner Runner hits theaters October 4.