Lutz: Getting Ripped for 'Hercules' Was Hard Work


star Kellan Lutz is ripping off his shirt and strapping on sandals for the upcoming action flick The Legend Of Hercules, in which he plays the title character. What people all around the world want to know is how he get that amazingly toned physique.

Lutz sat down for an interview with ET, and he explained what it took to get the body of a Greek god.

"I [put on muscle] for Twilight, quite a bit. But I never had to be topless, so I was eating like four steaks for Breaking Dawn. I was just getting big," said Lutz. "For this one, [Director Renny Harlin] wanted me tight. So what I adapted was the paleodiet."

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The popular Paleolithic diet, often shorted to paleodiet, is a nutritional plan based on the food that would have been eaten and available to people living in the Paleolithic era, about 10,000 years ago. So this includes no processed foods or refined sugars. It's often called the caveman diet.

"It is high protein. You take carbs out, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free," Lutz explained. "It was kind of tough, because I love candy. But I needed it. It's really important what you're putting in your body, as much as what you're doing with your body."

And it wasn't just his diet that helped him get those toned abs. Many scenes required in the movie helped him keep fit as well.

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"I was working out, I was riding the horse, which works out your legs quite a bit," Lutz said. "And then with the sword play, and then push-ups every take before the next scene… it was a lot of hard work."

Check out the video for more from the star of The Legend of Hercules, including how he did his own stunts and why he loved the character so much.

The film is set to hit theaters January 10, 2014.

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