ET Flashback: Relive Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler's Best Moments


Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler are teaming up on the big screen yet again, this time in the new romantic comedy Blended.

In the film they play two single parents, Jim and Lauren, who go out on a bad blind date and then find themselves on the same resort with their families while on vacation.

But Blended isn't the first time these two have co-starred. In fact, they have been co-starring in films for over a decade ... 16 years to be exact. ET has been there since the beginning with these two and we looked back into our ET Vault to compile some of our favorite interview moments from over the years.

They first shared the screen back in 1998 in The Wedding Singer, where they had an instant connection from the start.

"I knew her for one minute and felt like I could tell her everything," Sandler admitted in 1998. "Just being with Drew you feel very safe."

This friendship was certainly mutual because Drew gushed about her 50 First Dates co-star with us back in 2004.

"I genuinely care for him and genuinely appreciate how funny and kind he is," Drew said. "Although we're not in love and never have been, I adore him with that genuine love that I have for him and transfer it into an in-love thing. Every time he makes me laugh and smile, it's real, it's true."

Check out this video to see more of their best moments together.