'No Tongue': Boris Kodjoe Reveals His Wife's Sex Scene Rules


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star Boris Kodjoe is gearing up for the release of his upcoming erotic drama Addicted, based on a novel of the same name by erotic fiction author Zane, and if the movie is anything like the book, things are going to get steamy.

ET's Brooke Anderson met up with Kodjoe to talk about the sexy thriller, and how his wife, actress Nicole Ari Parker, felt about Kodjoe's hotter love scenes.

WATCH: Boris Kodjoe Dishes on 'Real Husbands' Hijinks

"As long as we talk about it before, and I let her know what the script is like, and who I'm playing with. You know, this is what we do," Kodjoe said. "She's done the same thing with Denzel [Washington] in Remember the Titans… she's been a love interest to so many actors."

But even with their professional history of playing in erotic scenes, the couple still has a few hard and fast guidelines when it comes to on-screen love-making.

"We have certain rules," explained Kodjoe. "There's the 'No Tongue' rule, and then there's the 'No Nipple In The Mouth' rule."

"Well I would hope not!" Exclaimed a laughing Brooke Anderson. Kodjoe smiled, shrugged and said, "Well, you never know."

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Check out the video for more from Brooke's revealing interview with Boris Kodjoe, including what makes him uncomfortable when shooting a sex scene.

Also, check out Addicted when it comes to theaters October 10.

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