Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel's 'Sex Tape' Bloopers


Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel are starring in the hilarious comedy Sex Tape, out July 18. But, there’s something movie-goers won’t get a chance to see in theaters: all the bloopers!

ET scored a video of the blooper reel and it’s pretty safe to say that Cameron and Jason definitely weren’t bored when it came to filming their latest flick. Though it wasn’t easy to keep a straight face while shooting, these two were ready to be serious when it came time to promote the film.

“Well as Cameron has always put it communication seems to be the key,” Jason told ET’s Rob Marciano about the keys he’s learned about successful relationships. “And like authenticity. I think that there's a chance there are 2 people sitting quietly together both thinking I wish we had more sex. I think that's the secret. Nobody's saying it.  So our hope is that this movie with spur some conversation.”

In addition to promoting the film, when ET chatted with these two, they also couldn't help but get chatty about social media and why they opt to not share all the details of their personal lives with fans.

“I think the thing that you learn is if you want to have any moticom of privacy in your life and be able to explore things casually without them being analyzed for me I also can't tweet a picture of my meal,”Jason explained. “You are really sending a mixed message, you know what I mean? Like here is what my everyday life is like but leave this part of my everyday life alone so I think that one of the things that are important is to have a real respect for your own private life."

Check out the video above to see the hilarious blooper reel!