Watch Matt Bomer Accidentally Grope Liv Tyler In This Bizarre 'Space Station 76' Trailer


The '70s were a great time period for sci-fi films, but they weren't without a hefty share of cheesiness. Now, writer/director Jack Plotnick is bringing us his new sci-fi parody Space Station 76, and with it comes a bearded Matt Bomer accidentally feeling up Liv Tyler with what looks like a 1980s Nintendo Power Glove.

The film, set in the future - as imagined by 1970s set designers- follows a ragtag group of astronauts living on a space station with a bunch of blocky robots. Things are turned on their head when a new female assistant captain (Tyler) arrives, leading to tension between her and the hard-drinking, hard-smoking Captain Glenn, played by Patrick Wilson.

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Bomer plays the ship's mechanic Ted, who is married to Misty (Marisa Coughlan). Jerry O'Connell also stars as astronaut Steve. The film is described as "a character-driven, domestic dramedy… where personalities and asteroids collide."

No release date for Space Station 76 has been officially set.

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