Top 5 Extras Who Completely Failed Their Scenes


The rules of being an extra are simple - blend into the background, and never outshine the star. That's why the people featured in this video made our list of the top five background actors who completely failed their scenes.

5. Back to the Future III
In the final scene of Back to the Future III, it's hard to focus on what Doc Brown is saying with the odd waving hand motions of the little boy next to him. Seriously, what is he doing?

4. Million Dollar Baby
While difficult to outshine two-time Oscar winner Hilary Swank, this extra certainly proves himself a contender in a scene from Million Dollar Baby. While Swank's character is fighting, you’ll notice an overly excited fan cheering in the stands behind her. We mean, really overly excited fan.

3. Quantum of Solace

Sometimes all we want to do is look at Daniel Craig, but the guy behind him should be fired! You’ll notice he's trying to do his job of, well…sweeping the air?

2. North by Northwest
In Alfred Hitchcock's North by Northwest, (presumably after one too many takes) a kid in the background plugs his ears and anticipates the gunshot before it happens.

1. Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope
There isn't much wrong with the original Star Wars trilogy (notice we said original). Well, except maybe a Stormtrooper's poor attempt to walk through a door. The trooper hits his head in such an obvious way, that a sound effect was later added to the film.

Better luck next time guys!  Check out the video to see these epic extra fails in action.