Sandra Bullock Turns 50! Her 9 Best Movies, Ranked


It’s hard to believe Sandra Bullock is turning 50 years old today! Because really, it’s been that long and also, she looks ah-mazing!

But then if we take a step back, we remember that America’s Sweetheart has been entertaining us for over 25 years. Of course, there have been some missteps (let's not talk about All About Steve or Speed 2) but for the most part, her track record is solid. So solid, we’re having a hard time ranking them, but let’s give it a go anyway!

9. The Blind Side
: An inspiring tale and one of the few times Sandy went blonde. Plus, she won her first Oscar for this so how could it not make the list?!

8. Gravity
: This was not an easy movie. She literally had to carry the whole thing by herself and much of it was just closeups. Well, good thing we like her face and she’s got plenty of talent because we were caught up in every single minute of it!

7. The Proposal
: How could we ever forget that epic nude scene?! And her chemistry with Ryan Reynolds was off the charts.

6. The Heat
: Pair Melissa McCarthy with anyone and it’s hilarious. Pair her with Sandy’s flawless physical comedy chops and it’s out of control!

5. The Net
: It’s the ultimate throwback flick when Sandra had to deal with not only identity theft but also impossibly clunky computers. Some might say the cyber crime thriller was ahead of its time?

4. Practical Magic
: Romantic, whimsical and haunting. This film made us long to be witches long before AHS: Coven. It’s also the one movie that when fall rolls around, we just want to cuddle up in bed with.

3. While You Were Sleeping
: This was her first major romantic comedy and she completely won us over—we felt for her, identified with her and rooted for her. She was the cutest fare token collector and deserved all the love!

2. Miss Congeniality
: This is just the most fun movie ever. Sandra was finally able to be both the bombshell and the physical comedy genius she is. Not to mention, we can still quote the dialogue and it was set at a beauty pageant—our favorite setting for anything. Oh, and remember how hot Benjamin Bratt was?

1. Speed
: Well, DUH! It goes without saying that this not only the greatest Sandra Bullock movie -- it is also the greatest Keanu Reeves movie ever, one of the greatest action movies ever and the greatest use of a bus ever. It’s just perfect and gripping to watch no matter how many times you’ve seen. Not to mention, Sandra and Keanu are the one dream Hollywood couple we wish would get together!

So thank you, Sandra and happy birthday! And get even more nostalgic with the video above featuring her best interviews with ET over her impressive career.