Taylor Swift on Playing 'Emotionless' Girl in 'The Giver'


Taylor Swift is headed back to the big screen in The Giver, out August 15. The Grammy winner is known for writing hit-after-hit by drawing inspiration from her feelings for her boyfriends, and ex-boyfriends.

So playing Rosemary, a character who does not seem to have emotions, was quite different for the 24-year-old.

“To me emotion is such an important part of my life and now I guess my job,” she admitted. “People wouldn't listen to my songs if they weren't heart broken or deeply affected and hurt and jilted and sad and bitter and all those wonderful things that I write songs about."

The second-highest earning country artist seems to have put her personal feelings aside to play the character. Rosemary is the biggest part T.Swift has played to date. With only a minor role in Valentine’s Day, a voice over role in The Lorax, and cameos in New Girl and CSI to date, the songstress is a relative newcomer in the acting category.

So, you can imagine her surprise when she was cast in The Giver, specifically because … she didn't even audition! Despite several actresses reading for the part, it was Taylor who was offered the role of Rosemary a week after one of the film’s producers saw her during her Los Angeles concert.

The film adaptation of the best-selling novel stars many seasoned actors including Meryl Streep, Katie Holmes, and Oscar winner Jeff Bridges. Jeff plays her father in the movie, and she admitted that she definitely pumped him for a few acting tips here and there.

"Jeff, I ask all the time just, 'What can I do differently? Is there anything I can do differently,'" she said. "And he's always like 'No that was great.' So for me I'm just sort of like, 'Ok, awesome I'll just keep doing it like that then.'"

Check out the video above to see which actor Taylor had a special connection with on set!