Megan Fox Reveals Her Surprising Inner Spirit Animal


What is your spirit animal? For most people, they say it's a bear, or a lion or even a turtle-- but for Megan Fox, those are all just a little too pedestrian.

ET caught up with Fox at the red carpet premiere of her new film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, where the conversation quickly became about fashion. When shown a few photos of red-carpet gowns Fox had worn in the past, she was asked which was her favorite.

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"This one," Fox said, holding up a pic of her in a short, shiny mini-dress. "That's just my inner spirit animal. A glittery dragonfly goddess."

Not a lot of people have the courage to choose a mythological creature to be their spirit animal, and even fewer choose a made-up mythological creature. You have to admit, it does make a lot of sense when you think about the actress.

The starlet was also asked about what it was like playing the iconic TMNT character April O'Neil, and if there was any pressure.

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"I was nervous, of course, because there is such a big fan base, and I was such a fan when I was a kid," Fox, 28, admitted. "But, like I said, I think everybody did a really good job, and it's super fun. I think it worked out well."

Check out the video for more from Megan about how she deals with all the haters who say they don't want to watch Michael Bay movies.

The all-new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles hits theaters August 8.

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