'Parenthood' 25 Years Later


In light of Ron Howard's 1989 film Parenthood turning 25 over the weekend, ET is taking a walk down memory lane with a look behind the scenes of the film that spawned not one, but two TV series.

"It remains the most personal movie I've ever made," said Ron Howard. "It rings true because it was true."

In the film, Steve Martin and Mary Steenburgen play a couple who just want to be good parents.

"[My character] believes there is a way to raise children," Martin told us in 1989. "If you raise them the right way, they will turn out well. This theory is being tested constantly, because they never do what they're supposed to do."

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"It's a lot like my family," said Steenburgen. "We're all moms now, but we all do something differently it's really fun."

The film also serves as an archive of some of today's big stars early on in their careers. Keanu Reeves, Joaquin Phoenix and Ron Howard's daughter Bryce Dallas Howard.

"The endurance of Parenthood is quite surprising," said Buzzfeed senior editor Jarett Wieselman. "This is a film that still airs on cable. It airs on television and it's considered one of the best family films ever made."