A First Look At Daniel Radcliffe's Creepy 'Horns'

Dimension Films

Daniel Radcliffe is getting wicked in his up-coming horror/thriller Horns.

To get us excited, Dimension Films and Radius-TWC are giving the world a sneak peek. Here are some newly released first look teaser photos that give us a better look at the former Harry Potter star and his freshly gown demon horns.

The film is based on the book of the same name by Joe Hill – the acclaimed author and son of Stephen King – and follows Ignatius Parrish (Radcliffe), a young man who wakes up after a drinking binge to discover horns growing out of his forehead.

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Ignatius, though never charged, is widely believed to be guilty of murdering his girlfriend one year ago, and the horns do not help him gain standing in the local community.

However, they do give him supernatural powers, including the ability to compel people to reveal their darkest and most intimate secrets to him.

The film is helmed by horror director Alexandre Aja, who also created the 2010 remake Piranha 3D, and the disturbing 2006 remake of The Hills Have Eyes.

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hits theaters October 31, perfect for that Halloween scare.

If you want to check out Daniel Radcliffe being awesome, check out this video of him and his What If co-star Zoe Kazan playing ping pong:

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