Oscar Isaac Talks New 'Star Wars' Role


The Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer gave us an exciting glimpse at the new faces of the franchise, including Oscar Isaac strapped behind the pilot seat of an X-wing. ET caught up with the actor at Monday night's Gotham Awards where he told us what it was like to see the trailer for the first time.

"It's pretty amazing. For Thanksgiving, I was down with the family when it came out – and they're huge Star Wars buffs – so to be able to see that with them, and just how excited people are to go back into that world, and for me to be a part of that… it's really wonderful."

The 88-second teaser is on track to become the most viewed trailer of all time with over 58 million YouTube views and counting, released four weeks after the film finished shooting.

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"It's just really exciting to see what J.J.'s up to just weeks after finishing," said Oscar. "So you can imagine with a year from now what he's going to be doing."

Little is known about Oscar's role in the film, but the trailer fuels rumors that he and newcomers John Boyega and Daisy Ridley will become the new hero trio – similar to returning vets Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, and Carrie Fisher.

The film, out December 2015, will also welcome Andy Serkis (the voice behind the trailer), as well as Adam Driver and Lupita Nyong'o – their roles are still unknown.

What do you think of Oscar's part in the trailer? Check out this video to hear what he has to say about his galactic new role!

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