This 'Titanic' Deleted Scene Is Hilariously Cheesy

20th Century Fox

Considering its monumental budget, record-setting box office earnings and a staggering 11 Oscar wins, Titanic is not known for its subtlety.

A perfect example of the film's penchant for cheesy puns and obvious foreshadowing can be found in this recently surfaced deleted scene.

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In the brief clip, Kathy Bates' character "Unsinkable" Molly Brown sits in the Titanic's fanciest restaurant, drinking by herself and snapping at the wait staff.

"Hey sonny! How about a little ice?" Molly asks, as a massive iceberg floats past the windows behind her.

Sure, it is hilariously bad, but is it any worse than any of the dialogue that made it in to the final cut?

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