'Harry Potter' Star Rushed to Hospital With Severe Flu-Like Symptoms

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Sounds like Hagrid could use a get-well spell!

Harry Potter
star Robbie Coltrane was rushed to a Florida hospital after falling ill with severe flu-like symptoms on Friday.

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The actor, who played half-giant Hagrid in all eight Harry Potter film adaptations, was scheduled to appear at Universal’s Celebration of Harry Potter event in Orlando beginning on Friday, but fell ill on the flight to Florida.

"Robbie took ill last night and is getting the rest he needs to feel better," said Universal Orlando in a statement. "We are sorry he can’t be with us this weekend, but we look forward to seeing him up and better soon."

According to TMZ, the actor was traveling with Harry Potter co-star Michael Gambon, who played Albus Dumbledore in several of the films.

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