FLASHBACK: 30-Year-Old Kevin Costner Says His Career Will Be Fun to Watch

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Oscar-winning actor Kevin Costner plays a grandfather caught in a custody battle over his granddaughter in Black or White, a heartwarming story that faces issues of race and compassion that hits theaters Jan. 30.

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Costner's career has spanned three decades, and we dug into our ET vault and found our very first interview with the actor thirty years ago, when he was just an up-and-coming star.

“I got everything that one could possibly ever want,” Costner told ET back in 1985 of his newfound career, “and it doesn't have anything to do with screen time, it has to do with the right circle -- the associations of people and them knowing your work and wanting to work with you again.”

Then 30, Costner was coming off two major breakout roles, as Marcus Sommers in American Flyers, and as Jake in the western Silverado, a role that would become a defining moment in Costner’s career.

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“When I read [the script] I thought to myself, ‘Boy, this could be, looking back at my career, maybe one of the great parts that I'll have ever played.’ I don't mean to get too romantic about it but that's how I felt when I read it,” Costner said of the part.

What set Costner apart from other actors, was a love of a great script, regardless of the screen time -- an attitude that would make him the great actor he is today.

“I don't think you have any control over being a star, and that was never my motivation. My motivation is to be a player, to have more control, to do the things that I really want to do,” he said. “I think it might be a fun career to watch.”

Check out this video to see what a young Costner thought of his newfound career 30 years ago.

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