Who Cares If 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Is Good or Bad? Jamie Dornan Is Hot Either Way

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Fifty Shades of Grey
is in theaters now. Which means you can go sit in the dark, watch Christian Grey tie Anastasia up, and get as hot and bothered as possible (within reason -- movie theaters do have rules).

But really, it doesn’t matter if the movie is good or bad (or not that bad), all that matters is Jamie Dornan is really, really, ridiculously hot and we should be thankful to have him.

How hot is he?

Dakota Johnson
is completely naked in this photo and Jamie Dornan is so hot that we’re like, “Dakota Johnson, please move out of the way, we’re trying to look at Jamie Dornan in that sweater.”

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He’s so hot that every time he kisses Ana in the movie you’ll wish it was you:

(She has a blindfold over her face a lot, which makes it easier to do so.)

Even when he’s the only clothed one in a group of shirtless men, he’s still the only one we see:

But we don’t mind him shirtless. Because arms.


ARMS! He’s wearing a shirt in this one but we don’t mind it. This shirt is OK.

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But back to the shirtlessness:

Not too shabby, don’t you think?

Did we happen to mention that he used to be an underwear model?

Here is the campaign he did for Calvin Klein. Beautiful work.

And here is another campaign for Hugo Boss. Just inspired.

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We’re generally just big fans of all his modeling work. Shirtless...

Or otherwise.

We look at these pictures and we’re like, what’s a Kate Moss?

He’s so hot that he’s even hot when he’s making fully clothed, with a grisly beard, and making faces like this:

But you’re not going to pay $13 to see that on the big screen.

(WARNING: The following photoset contains nudity and could be NSFW.)

You’re going to see this!

Also, he’s a very talented actor.

Now, here’s what the cast had to say about exactly how steamy the movie gets: