Kevin Hart & Will Ferrell Tease the Funniest Parts of 'Get Hard'

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As fans gear up for the release of Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell's Get Hard, ET's Kevin Frazier sat down with the two comedians, getting them to tease some of the funniest parts of the movie.

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In the upcoming comedy, Ferrell plays millionaire hedge fund manager James, who gets nailed for fraud and sentenced to a do a stretch in San Quentin. The judge gives him 30 days to get his affairs in order, and within that time, James turns to Darnell (Hart), a hard-working small business owner who has never been to prison, to prep him for life behind bars.

One scene shown in the trailer has Ferrell's character accidentally getting a sharp object jammed into his forehead. Ferrell and Hart revealed that the stunt did not rely on CGI.

"That was a special rig that was constructed that made it appear like something was sticking in my forehead," Ferrell said.

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"It was pretty serious, because when you pulled it they set it up to where his skin was moving on his head," Hart said. "They did a great job."

Another funny scene shows Hart's character getting smacked by his wife, and The Wedding Ringer star dished on a time when his real life fiancée Eniko Parrish became mad enough to hit him.

"We were in the store and -- it was just a reaction -- this girl was trying stuff on and the curtain opens up and this girl is in a thong," Hart said. "I turn around and I was like, 'Damn!'"

Ferrell and Hart are big basketball fans, as is ET's Kevin Frazier, so they all participated in a 40-second pop-a-shot contest. After Frazier came out on top, Ferrell and Hart had to do promos for ET.

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Watch the video for more. Get Hard opens March 27.

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