Vin Diesel Boldly Compares 'Furious 7' to 'Titanic'

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Vin Diesel
cements his Hollywood legacy!

The global superstar
placed his handprints and footprints in cement outside the legendary TCL Chinese Theatre on Wednesday. The actor was joined by his longtime love Paloma Jimenez and their three children, as well as his fellow Furious 7 co-stars.

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"That's was what was so fun about today," he told ET. "Being with all the people that I loved, the people that supported me when I was a zero, the people that believed I was more than a bouncer or a break dancer."

The honor was a sentimental one for the 47-year-old actor who explained that he first visited the famed hand and footprints after he made Saving Private Ryan over 17 years ago.

"Clark Gable was my grandmother's favorite and when I finally got [to the Chinese Theatre] it was after Saving Private Ryan," he said. "When I saw the Clark Gable hands and feet I knew that my grandma someday, up there, would see me doing the same thing."

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Vin and the rest of the Furious cast will be on hand at the film's Hollywood premiere tonight. Early box office predictions are through the roof with the latest installment of the Fast and Furious franchise racing towards a $225 million global opening weekend.

"It's going to be explosive this weekend," Vin said. "What Hollywood's not anticipating is the fact that the world is going to want to experience this again and again this summer. I feel like we haven't experienced something like that since Titanic." He added, "This is going to be one of those movies that's going to evoke so much emotion [that] it'll be the Fast and Furious movie that you hold on to and embrace throughout the summer."

Never let go, Jack!

Furious 7
opens in theaters everywhere Friday.