Matt Bomer's Cover of 'Heaven' Makes Women Melt in New 'Magic Mike XXL' Clip


Matt Bomer is definitely vying for hottest Magic Mike XXL star in this swoon-worthy clip.

The former White Collar actor and his fellow male strippers -- Channing Tatum and Joe Manganiello -- join a women's soiree and start offering up sex and relationship advice.

"Tell him what your fantasy is, and make sure he does it with the lights on," Bomer, as his character Ken, advises one lady. "Because if he doesn't, you'll have a serious problem."

Looking a little shocked by the tip, the "sweet" woman reveals that when she and her guy were in college and "falling in love," they used to listen to Bryan Adams' song "Heaven."

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"Yes!" Bomer exclaims. "I love that song!"

That's when he starts singing as if he's an American Idol finalist! Making it even more intimate, Bomer gets on his knees and starts serenading the woman personally.

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Every tease from this sequel seems all the more magical!

Magic Mike XXL
hits theaters July 1.