The Star of 'The Vatican Tapes' Actually Got Sick After Shooting Exorcism Scene

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The most thrilling scene in the bone-chilling new exorcism film,The Vatican Tapes, comes from star Olivia Taylor Dudley’s full-throttle, blood-curdling exorcism scene.

“I lost my voice so many times,” Dudley told ET. “But it was fun!”

Screaming all day, take after take, can take a toll on an actress. In fact, Dudley admitted that filming the scene actually made her ill.

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“By the end of the exorcism scene I was pretty sick!” she said. “Your body doesn't really know the difference when you're doing that kind of physical work.”

In the film, Dudley plays Angela Holmes, an ordinary 27-year-old who becomes possessed by a satanic force, leaving it up to Father Lozano (Michael Peña) to fight for Angela’s soul.

“It’s the way it really adds religion into this story which made it even scarier for me,” said Peña of the film. “You really don’t know where it’s going,”

The Vatican Tapes hits theaters July 24.