Watch Emma Watson Sing 'Belle' in 'Beauty and the Beast'

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Just 25 days before the release of Beauty and the Beast, Disney has released more footage from the live-action film.

Fans meet Emma Watson's Belle in the newest clip, which showcases the 26-year-old actress' singing chops.

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The former Harry Potter star couldn't look more in-character as she whisks around the market singing "Belle."

Watch below:

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Watson has been hard at work promoting her new film, recently turning heads in a stunning custom Louis Vuitton ensemble at the Paris photocall on Monday, and showing off the look on Instagram.

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Of course, Monday's clip isn't the first time we've gotten a look at Watson's singing voice. Watch the actress flawlessly sing the film's opening number in the video below.

Beauty and the Beast
hits theaters on March. 17.