EXCLUSIVE: Elle Fanning Blushed When Kissing Colin Farrell in 'The Beguiled'

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PDA is awkward enough, but when it's on camera...

Elle Fanning sat down with ET's Katie Krause recently, where she opened up about her new movie The Beguiled. At one point in the Civil War-era drama, the 19-year-old actress has to "sneak up and kiss" co-star Colin Farrell -- while his character is sleeping.

"My character is so crazy," Fanning laughed. "Sofia [Coppola] and I were both blushing when I had [that] scene in particular."

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Thankfully, 41-year-old Farrell was able to keep things cool on set.

"Colin was totally comfortable and nothing weird at all," she said. "He was super cool about it and made you feel fine. It wasn't too weird, but also you are like, 'Oh God, I am kissing Colin Farrell!'"

During the interview, Fanning also talked about sister Dakota Fanning, sharing that the two have gotten closer as they have gotten older.

"It's not as big of an age gap anymore. She is 23 and I am 19 now," she said. "We are sisters still but we are also friends."

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Any chance they might jump from friends to co-stars?

"I mean, I hope so. It would have to be something perfect though," Fanning says about potentially working with her big sis on a movie. "We have been looking, like, we definitely want to."

In the meantime, The Beguiled hits theaters in limited release on June 23, and goes wide on June 30.

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