Music Producer Ryan Tedder Dishes on OneRepublic's New Album 'Human' (Exclusive)

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The man behind the music! Ryan Tedder has established his career in the music industry as both the frontman for OneRepublic and one of the most sought-after producers in the business.

ET's Matt Cohen recently spoke with Tedder at his multi-studio recording compound in Los Angeles, where he opened up about his time as a producer and some long-awaited new music from some of the biggest artists he's worked with.

Tedder dished on his exclusive studio, and explained that he often has several megastars laying down new tracks all at the same time in his building.

"At any given point, all four or five will be operating at the same time," Tedder shared. "I had Florida Georgia Line in the back there for a little while, and I had like, you know, Jessie J in that room over there, we had, like, Lil Nas X in this room."

The celebrated producer gave ET a tour of his studio spaces, and opened up about some of the artists he's been working with, including Adele. That being said, Tedder is making sure to play coy when it comes to the hotly anticipated new music.

"I would love to say something but I have learned it's best if I sometimes don't say anything," Tedder shared, simply agreeing that Adele's upcoming music would in fact be amazing.

One song Tedder was more than excited to talk about was Beyoncé's 2009 single, "Halo," which Tedder wrote. The music video for the song surpassed a billion views last year, and it turns out the writing for the track all came together in a matter of hours.

According to Tedder, Beyoncé hit him up asking for a ballad, and he of course agreed. However, he soon suffered an injury and had to undergo surgery. By the time he was ready to get back to writing, his window of opportunity was closing and he called on a friend to help out.

When he turned on his computer, there was an echoing chiming sound that immediately reminded him of angels.

"I was, like, automatically already thinking about [halos] and the first four chords I played were the opening of 'Halo' and the first word out of my mouth was the opening line to the song," Tedder recalled, adding that it was "just serendipity" that it all came together.

As for his own music, OneRepublic is gearing up for the release of their latest album, Human, which has been in the works for quite some time, with the first single dropping back in 2019.

Tedder reflected on how much of the album was finished before the coronavirus pandemic put a halt to everything, explaining, "It was probably 75 percent done."

"The rest of the songs, three or four new ones, were all finished over the last five, six months. And I tried intentionally to steer as far away from COVID as possible," Tedder added. "People want levity, they want to celebrate, they want to feel good, so I've tried to do that."

OneRepublic's new album, Human -- including recent singles "Run" and "Better Days" -- drops Friday.


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