Taylor Swift on Style: Stick to Who You Are


Taylor Swift is the cover girl for this Sunday's USA Weekend, and the songstress is dishing everything from her personal style choices to how her life has changed in three years.

Three years ago, Taylor graced her first USA Weekend cover, and she says, "Three years ago, my life was a lot different. I was an opening act, and now thankfully, the fans have been so nice to me and I get to play my own shows and be on my own tour."

When it comes to style, Taylor, who is currently traveling the country on her Speak Now tour, says, "I've always had a very girly style, I've always liked dresses and that really hasn't changed much in three years. I love wearing sundresses."

But, ultimately, Swift says, "I think style is all about taking chances when you feel like it, but sticking to who you know you are."

Taylor is nominated for three CMT Awards, which will be handed out live from Nashville on CMT June 8.