Florence Welch 'Freaked Out' By Her Success


Upon first meeting Brit sensation Florence Welch, one would never guess that the soft spoken red head with a flair for vintage fashion could belt it out like nobody's business, but she can and she's getting some serious attention for it.

From playing gigs on the daily at any and every English pub she could, Welch says she can still hardly believe the attention she's getting. To be honest, she admits the success has her a bit "freaked out."

"I'm very grateful the way people have embraced it," says Florence of her breakout album, Lungs. "The reaction from people is incredible."

After a whirlwind year including SNL, VMA and Grammy appearances, Florence + the Machine has just released a critically-acclaimed new album, Ceremonials, which she describes as a "development" of Lungs, "rather than a step away" from it.

"My main goal was to make an album sound like an album, not a collection of songs," she explains. "I think this album is definitely kind of a reflection of like having an iPod…I think the album is almost like a reflection of that, of being a part of that generation. Just picking bits from soul, bits from even like hip hop influences and it's that mix of styles that really influences me."

You can pick up your copy of Ceremonials today! The album is in stores now.

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