Duran Duran Preps for Surprise Performance


ET caught up with Duran Duran at a music studio in NYC as they rehearsed for their surprise performance at Trident's See What Unfolds Live event on Wednesday.

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For the last 18 months, the '80s band has been on tour, which is a major feat in itself, as Simon Le Bon shared.

"[Last year] we were playing a show in the south of France and I went for a high note and lost my voice," said Le Bon, who lost a third of his singing range. "None of us really knew whether we were going to be getting back on the road at all."

Le Bon went on to reveal that after having little luck with therapists he took a break. Soon after, the singer experienced a major break through.

"I actually had an improvement in range," said Le Bon. "And when that happened I knew things were going to get better."

During Wednesday's performance the band unveiled a remixed performance of their classic hit, Hungry Like The Wolf produced by Steve Aoki. The song will be available to fans as a free download on Trident's Facebook page.