Celebs On Beyonce's Baby Bump Rumors


Is she? Isn't she? That's the question on everyone's lips when it comes to Beyonce these days. With the rumor mill churning out word that the Single Lady's singer and beau Jay Z are expecting their second child, ET took to the star-studded blue carpet of the 2013 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas to get some perspective from a few peers and pals on why the power couple may not have revealed their alleged big secret yet.

Swift Sweeps 2013 Billboard Music Awards

Rumors first began to circulate after the 17-time Grammy-winner was seen sporting a cinched, high-waisted, tummy concealing gown at the Met Gala earlier this month. But it wasn't until May 14 when Beyonce announced she had to cancel her Mrs. Carter Show performance in Belgium due to "dehydration and relaxation," that speculation began to run rampant.

Former Kanye West main-squeeze and model Amber Rose recently gave birth to her first son, Sebastian, in February with rapper Wiz Khalifa. When asked how Beyonce and Jay Z might be dealing with the swirling media storm surrounding the alleged baby bump, Rose said she can imagine it must be "frustrating."

"That actually happened with us. They [news outlets] came out before we had a chance to say that I was pregnant. It's a little frustrating so I understand the frustration. But if she is [pregnant] congratulations Beyonce!”

As to how parenthood is treating the new mom and dad, Rose says, “Wonderful! He's just a little, fat, chunky, little lamb chop”

"Oh I love it man," said a very enthusiastic Khalifa. "All you dads out there, wat up?"

Father of six and long-time friend of the Carter family, Akon, said he could not confirm the pregnancy rumors but did encourage the notion.

"That's a good idea. You've got to have them back to back. You've got to roll them out baby. Good job Jay, my man."

Queen Bey and her Jiggaman welcomed their first child, daughter Blue Ivy Carter, back in January 2012 to much anticipation from fans and their adoring public. The couple kept the wee-one shielded from the world for a while before finally introducing baby Blue in Beyonce’s HBO documentary, "Life Is But A Dream," in February.

It was around the same time that the Halo singer sat down with the iconic queen of daytime, Oprah, and revealed in an episode of The Next Chapter, that she wanted to have another child.

"I definitely want another child. After this next tour, maybe I'll have another baby," Beyonce gushed. "My daughter introduced me to myself. Motherhood made everything make sense."

In attendance on the blue carpet of the Billboard awards was former Charmed star and new mom, Alyssa Milano. Of the couple's hesitation to reveal a potential pregnancy, Milano says, "I think the only reason to keep it a secret is during that first trimester and I think many women throughout the world can relate to not wanting to tell in the first trimester[because of associated risks].”

Stars Bare Skin On Billboard's Blue Carpet

Beyonce and Jay Z's reps have yet to confirm or deny the pregnancy rumors, but for those speculating based on Beyonce's loose-fitting attire during the Met gala in early May, the songstress rocked some skin-tight clothes that revealed a very slender Bey during her performance in Milan on May 18.

For more interviews on the blue carpet of the 2013 Billboard Music Awards and to find out which artist forgot their underwear, check out the video above.

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