Boyd Reveals Inspiration behind 'Lady Black'


Boyd Reveals Inspiration behind 'Lady Black'

With ETonline's premiere of Sons of the Sea's video for "Lady Black," front man Brandon Boyd reveals the motivation behind the track, which he says was inspired by a real experience.

"This song is inspired by true-life events, but we'll say it's an adapted fiction," Boyd reveals in the featured video.

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"I think it's about the idea of unrequited love, how kind of deceptively seductive the idea of love can be, how easily we can be let into the pool—'Come in the water's fine!'—and then once you get in...she's already back out of the pool and off to the next thing," he adds.

Sons of the Sea is Boyd's new project while his usual band Incubus remains on break after touring following their most recent album If Not Now, When?.

Although "Lady Black" takes a journey through the thicket of unreciprocated love, Boyd still thinks it's best to take a chance and take a dip in the metaphorical pool referenced in the song.

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"I'd say nine times out of 10, jump in," Boyd says. "That's kind of where a lot of inspiration in life comes from, is in even the knowing mistakes that we make."

Check out the video above to hear Boyd detail the inspiration behind "Lady Black". Click here to watch the freshly premiered video for the song.

Sons of the Sea's debut album, Sons of the Sea, will be released on September 24, and is currently available for pre-order on Amazon.