Iconic Rockers STYX Recall History in Own Words!


The legendary 70s rock band STYX is proving that their unique brand of music truly stands the test of time as they embark on an ambitious new U.S. tour and ET recently sat down with the band to get the real story behind the group -- in their own words! 

"I joined up with those guys and within about 14 months of me having joined with them, we got a recording contract," reveals James "JY" Young, about first getting together with original bassist Chuck Panozzo and another one of the band's founding members, Dennis DeYoung.

Current band member Tommy Shaw recalls that he was playing in another band when he heard his first tune by STYX, which released its first album 42
years ago. "What I didn't know was that the song Lady had become a hit all over the world," he said. "So when I got the call to come audition for the band in December of 1975, I was kind of indifferent about it -  and I realized these guys were on a path that I would really like to be part of."

Watch the video for more from these iconic rockers and to learn more about the band and their "STYX Soundtrack of Summer" tour by going to their official website!