This 8-Year-Old Popping and Locking to Major Lazer Is the Coolest Dancer You've Ever Seen


Here’s the formula for this video: Mix the adorableness of that 8-year-old boy doing the big Dirty Dancing finale routine with the badassness of the 11-year-old girl dancing to “All About That Bass.” Sprinkle in some popping and locking and finish with high fives from an epic posse.

(Basically, if you can’t tell, we like dance prodigies. They amaze us.)

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The prodigy here is 8-year-old Aidan Prince, killing it to Major Lazer’s “Jet Blue Jet.” Tricia Miranda uploaded the video and also choreographed the routine. Good work, Tricia! Good work, Aidan! These moves are AMAZING:

The future of dance is bright. Heck, just look at this 2-year-old choreographer.