Robert Pattinson's Girlfriend FKA Twigs Makes Google Glass Cool In New Video


Robert Pattinson's girl FKA Twigs has some next-level dance moves thanks to her Google Glass.

The tech-savvy singer uses the apparatus to pull up different dance styles to emulate in the trippy remix of "Video Girl" and "Glass & Patron." The short film, being hailed as #throughglass, has Twigs sporting the Google Glass and showing off some envy-worthy dance moves.

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The coolest moment in the short is perhaps when she has a dance-off with herself! All the Twigs come together to show off their dominant krumping moves and gymnastic skills.

As if Twigs' dance moves aren't impressive enough, the 26-year-old singer also revealed that she directed the video. She tweeted: "Very proud and excited to share #throughglass with you, a piece I created and directed."

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Before Twigs' short film, ET had already taken Google Glass to the Emmy Awards in 2013, and the results were rather amusing.