This Hilariously Awkward News Anchor Can't Stop Dancing and His Co-Anchor Hates Every Second of It

CBS News

Dan Thorn
is basically what would happen if Will Ferrell and an entire frat house had a baby and that baby grew up and decided he wanted to be an Anchorman too. Dan is one of the anchors for CBS 59 news in West Virginia, but what’s more newsworthy is what happens during commercial breaks. Dan dances.

Oh, does he dance. Here he dances to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.”

And his co-anchor, Sarah Pisiuneri, hates every single second of it.

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Or does she? This isn’t Dan’s first “music video” (as he calls them). The other day, he uploaded another video dancing to T.I.’s “Where They At Doe?” Sarah’s disdain was just as delicious. Her side eye was just as epic.

So you have to assume, whether she actually like his dancing or not, she at least knows what’s up by now. That hasn’t stopped Internet commenters from saying horrible, horrible things about her. And to her.

In response, Sarah just tweeted:

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But here’s the thing: She’s not a bitch. She’s not “not fun.” She’s the reason these videos are funny in the first place. Every comedy duo needs a straight man, and she plays that part here. Anyone can do a silly dance, but it’s her icy contempt that makes this video ammmazing.

Look, it’s just not as funny when he’s by himself:

That said, even if she does just hate his dancing – or, more likely, just wants to be professional while doing her profession – that’s OK with us too. Because this is basically how we feel about everything:

CBS News

Is Dan’s “Shake It Off” the best T.Swift viral video out there? Watch and decide: