This Guy Lost a Fantasy Football Bet and Had to Recreate Sia's 'Chandelier' Music Video


We’ve seen some very impressive recreations of Sia’s “Chandelier” video in our day — a dance choreographed by a 2-year-old is one of them — but this video, is, well...

It’s the most creative punishment we’ve ever seen.

“Never lose a fantasy football bet,” Chuck Jose explains. “Or else you will create a shot for shot, homemade version of the music video for Sia's ‘Chandelier.’”

And that’s exactly what he did. Shot for shot. Dance move for dance move.

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We have so many questions: How long did it take Chuck to learn the entire choreography? Did he already know it ahead of time? Did he already own that leotard? Maybe we’ll never know, but we’ll always have the art of his dance.

Nailed it...


...kind of.

For what it’s worth, Chuck doesn’t seem to mind his newfound Internet fame. He already changed his Twitter bio to, “Why yes, I'm that dude who wore a leotard and blonde wig for the internet.”

Meanwhile, the buddy he lost the bet to, Allen Mark, just loves his victory:

And find out how Sia got Britney Spears caught in a lip syncing scandal:

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