Colin Hanks on Dad's Music Video Career: Carly Rae Jepsen Is 'A Big Step Up' From Paula Abdul


The Hanks family really loves music.

ETonline sat down with Colin Hanks at South By Southwest in Austin, TX, where he unveiled a new documentary on the rise and fall of Tower Records called All Things Must Pass.

"This documentary is about a guy by the name of Russ Solomon who started selling used 78s out of his father's drug store in 1938 and went on to create Tower Records," Hanks tells ETonline. "[He] had a motley crew of characters who he worked with, who helped him build this company up and became a family. We chronicled the rise of the company and we sort of popped the…misconception why people think the Internet killed Tower. That's not really 100 percent accurate. That's part of it, but not entirely."

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Hanks hails from Sacramento, Calif., where Tower Records originated. The actor says that the company long served as a point of pride for his hometown, but he also comes from a family of music lovers.

Tom Hanksrecently starred inCarly Rae Jepsen's music video for "I Really Like You" and we couldn't resist asking for his son's take.

"I thought it’s a big step up from dancing with Paula Abdul in the 'City of Crime' video for Dragnet," Colin jokes. "No, it was great. I enjoyed it, I thought it was funny."

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And Hanks' step-mom Rita Wilson recently released her own single called "Girls Night In." The video features Wilson's real-life girlfriends, including Sara Bareilles, drinking wine, getting rowdy and scaring the elder Hanks right out of his own home.

"That is quite accurate for an evening at the house," Colin teases.

All Things Must Pass was produced over the course of seven years, with Hanks and his producing partner Sean Stuart ultimately calling on KickStarter to raise funds for the project. Asked whether the project has given them new perspective on the ever-changing music landscape, Hanks reflects on the industry shifts since their project began.

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"When we started, Wal-Mart was the No. 1 music retailer. Then iTunes became the No. 1 music retailer, now it's streaming, so it's changing so much," he says. "Now the thing is, I don't remember where I was when I downloaded a song, or where I first streamed this one song, but I remember where I was when I bought this record, I remember where I was when I bought that cassette."

Adds Stuart: "I remember going at midnight the night before more new music Tuesday, right when it released at 12:01 on a Monday night. That world doesn't exist anymore."

All Things Must Pass premiered at SXSW on Tuesday and will continue to screen this week. Click here for a list of showtimes.

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