Is Meghan Trainor's 'Dear Future Husband' Video Sexist?


Meghan Trainor's cute music video for her song "Dear Future Husband" looks like the lovechild of Mad Men's Betty Draper and Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" video -- and not everyone is a fan of this combo.

Dressed in her most feminine outfits, Trainor struts around in the bright video spouting off the qualities she'd like her future spouse to have when they wed.

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"Dear Future Husband" shows the 21-year-old pop star scrubbing floors and baking in the kitchen, while the men are showing up to her door with flowers and chocolates as well as attempting to win her prizes at the fair for her with their strength.

While some may just see this video as fun and cute, others believe it sets women back decades.

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"Dear Future Husband" accusations of being sexist isn't the only controversy Trainor is facing. Twitter has also exploded with tweets saying the song sounds strangely similar to British singer/songwriter Olly Murs' "Dance with Me Tonight."

Do you think the video is sexist? Do you think it sounds like Olly Murs' song? Sound off in the comments and tweet #ETnow.

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