Nick Jonas Hilariously Recalls Getting Accidentally Very Visibly Excited at an Awards Show -- Watch!

The 'Jealous' singer is giving us all an education on the 'no apparent reason boner.'

If you thought Nick Jonas was acting strange at the Young Hollywood Awards in 2014, you now have your reason.

The "Jealous" singer appeared on Monday's Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where he recounted eating a poorly-timed marijuana edible that basically led to him walking around the red carpet concealing his... well, accidental erection.

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"I've never told this story, for good reason probably," the 23-year-old singer told Fallon, revealing that he accepted a weed lollipop in celebration of some new music he had released. "I was like, 'Yeah, sure, why not? I never do this -- never happens... Enjoyed the night. Felt great. Went to bed feeling fine. Woke up the next day...everything's in slow motion."

However, the musician -- who was set to present at the awards show the following day... did not wake up in tip-top condition.

"I call down to my girlfriend who's in the kitchen, 'Babe, I need some bread, I need some coffee. Something!'" he explains.

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Then, on the carpet, Jonas says, "Out of nowhere, I get a NARB.... A NARB is a no apparent reason boner."

At this point in the story, Fallon loses it, before showing photographic evidence of Jonas that night, yes, concealing his crotch.

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Needless to say, presenting the award turned out to be a little bit awkward.

"I walked off stage, I looked at my manager, I was like, 'Do you think anybody knew?'" Jonas recalled.

Watch him retell the entire hilarious story below.

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Aw, sorry about your NARB situation, Nick Jonas! You played it mad cool.

Meanwhile, one person Jonas has a very difficult time playing cool around is Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke.

Watch the video below.