Kanye West Shares Taylor Swift 'Unity' Photo -- But What Does It Mean?!

Does Kanye want to be friends again?

Well, this was unexpected!

Kanye West shared a new photo on Twitter Monday that might be a signal that the 39-year-old rapper is ready to bury the hatchet (again) with longtime enemy Taylor Swift.

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"Unity love," Kanye captioned a photo of a T-Shirt showing the 26-year-old singer's 1989 album cover fused with his 2010 record, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

(WARNING: NSFW painted nudity depicted on Kanye's half of the collage).

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It's unclear if the "Famous" rapper means this to be an olive branch to Taylor, but while she was busy with jury duty, Kanye continued to address their ongoing drama at the 2016 VMAs on Sunday night, where he was nominated for two awards (and graciously predicted his loss of Video of the Year to Beyonce).

"People come up to me like, 'Yeah, that’s right! Take Taylor!'" Kanye said during MTV's allotted time for him to say whatever he wanted. "But bro, like, I love all y'all. That's why I called her!"

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So, while Taylor would like to be "excluded from this narrative," don't be surprised if Yeezy sends her another trove of white flowers for a reprise of the singer's most liked Instagram photo ever below.

Watch the video below for more on Kanye's VMA speech and debut of his incredibly sexy "Fade" video starring Teyana Taylor.