EXCLUSIVE: Kirstin Maldonado Talks Debut Solo Single and Pentatonix Lineup Changes: 'We're Not Broken Up'

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Kirstin Maldonado is breaking out.

The Pentatonix singer sat down with ET's Denny Directo ​for a Facebook Live on Friday to discuss her ​​debut​ solo​ single, "Break a Little," as well as the future of the a capella group, ​a week after bandmate Avi Kaplan announced his departure last week.

"We're not broken up," the 25-year-old singer confirmed. "Honestly, we just want the best for each other ... We've been a family for the past 6 years, and we're all just taking new chapters as it comes, as life changes, as life comes at us."

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For Maldonado, that means exploring a new side of herself through her solo project.

I fulfill a part of myself in Pentatonix," she explained. "And then, we can all step away individually, and do the specific things we like, because we're all so different in musical tastes."

Watch the video below for more of our chat with Maldonado.

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Maldonado, ​who is ​going by kirstin™​ for her solo stint​, dropped her debut single ​early Friday​ morning​. The track leads off what will become the singer's first EP,​ which will be​ released this summer.

"I'm so proud of 'Break a Little,'" Maldonado said in a statement. "I always wanted to write a sad song that sounds happy. I think everyone can relate to this emotion. It’s about longing for something. You’re attracted to a vice or person you know you shouldn’t come back to, but you can’t help it."

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Meanwhile, as Maldano is making her solo premiere, Kaplan said his goodbyes to Pentatonix last week.

Watch the video below for his emotional farewell.

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