Justin Bieber Dodges Hurled Water Bottle After Refusing to Sing 'Despacito' in Concert

The pop star's fans weren't thrilled when he said he didn't know the words to the hit song.

Justin Bieber
is learning that it's probably best to learn the lyrics to the songs he sings, even if they're in Spanish.

Even though Bieber provides his vocal talents on the popular remix of Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee's hit single "Despacito," it turns out the 23-year-old pop star hasn’t memorized the words -- and he became the target of an airborne water bottle because of it.

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The singer performed at the Summerburst Festival in Stockholm, Sweden, over the weekend, where one fan in the audience yelled for Bieber to sing the Spanish-language track.

"I can't do 'Despacito,'" Bieber yelled back from the stage, as seen in a Youtube video posted by Anonymous Belieber. "I don't even know it. I can't do the song."

Moments later, someone in the crowd hurled a water bottle at him, which he deftly dodged. The notoriously temperamental performer took the attempted pelting in stride, however, simply responding, "Woah, don't throw things at me, please."

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In the past, the Biebs has stormed off stage and yelled at audience members for minor grievances like touching him or clapping off-beat. So, his reaction to the water bottle incident was notably subdued.

However, Bieber's refusal to sing "Despacito" is likely a better decision for the star than when he chose to attempt the song during a special appearance at 1 Oak in New York City last month, and ended up ad-libbing random lyrics in place of the Spanish words he was supposed to be singing.

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"I don't know the words, so I say, 'Poquito.' I don't know the words, so I say, 'Dorito.' I don't know the words, so I say, 'Poquito,'" Bieber is heard sing-talking in a fan video posted to Instagram. The singer than just made a string of random noises until he returned to the verses he was familiar with.

Check out the video below to see the embarrassing moment.